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Cruising in Turkey

The overall focus of our site is on those areas where cruising is an important activity, probably (but not always) with a supporting charter industry. Turkey used to be a major yacht charter destination, but the industry has contracted sharply in recent years as dislike of the Erdogan regime reduced German arrivals in particular. They opted for nearby Croatia and Greece instead. Politically Turkey remains close to being a pariah state for many Europeans and Americans. This has unfairly penalised south western Turkey that never voted Erdogan and probably never will.

If the charter industry remains rather in the Doldrums, Brexit has provided an unexpected bonus because it is a refuge from the 90/180 rule Schengen shuffle rules that now apply to British yacht owners not having legal residency in a Schengen country. Places like Kas and perhaps also Marmaris and Fethiye have benefited from an influx of resident yacht owners.

We have restricted our information resources to those areas where there is evidence of cruising activity. We have therefore excluded the Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara, and Istanbul. The adventurous few need little help from us although the facilities can be found on our interactive maps here below and elsewhere.







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Turkish Marinas & Ports Selection

Turkey has been divided into three main cruising grounds accessed from the buttons below. For the major sailing centres of Bodrum, Marmaris, and Goçek we have duplicated the marinas that we list to make it easier for visitors to find them.