Constant HOT WATER from

Surplus Renewable Energy.

Your current boiler heats water either from an engine heat exchanger or when you are connected to shore power, so if you like sitting in anchorage for a few days, you have no hot water.

Yet if you have solar panels, your batteries are usually full by mid-day; the rest is discarded. Use that excess energy to heat your water.


We have two basic solutions that give you permanent hot water on board without using the engine or being connected to shore power.

  1. Controller + replacement 12/24/48v 300w heating element.

  2. Controller + Inverter + Existing 1200w heating element.

Solution 1 is ideal for yachts with at least 300w of renewable energy and 200Ah of domestic battery capacity. 

Solution 2  eliminates the need to replace the heating element, but needs at least 600w of solar and 300Ah of domestic battery capacity. More of either or both is better.

As well as the controllers we also offer 2 remote panel options.

  1. Standard:  repeats the on/off status lights of the controller, and includes a fused on/off switch,

  2. Intelligent: as above, but also has a digital display that shows water temperature and battery level and allows remote control of both levels to customise the solution to your installation

When the batteries are more than 80% charged and the water less than 42°C the controller either turns on the replacement 12, 24 or 48v heater element in your boiler, OR turns on the dedicated inverter connected to your existing heating element. Switches off at 53°C. Only restarts when batteries again fully charged.

Have a hot shower,

Do the dishes whenever you like.