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MONITOR GREEN système d'alarme

Avec l'installation notre petit boitier électronique sur un voilier, le propriétaire ou le loueur connait sa localisation GPS ainsi  que tous les éléments suivants: 

  • Batteries domestiques

  • Batterie démarrage moteur

  • Eau dans les cales

  • Humidité

  • Témperature

  • Eau douce (option)

Les informations sont visible sur tout appareil ayant une connexion internet. Un loueur peut voir les information sur toute sa flotte sur un seul écran.

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GREEN Manufacturing

Whilst we always wanted to have a “green” product, we also want to have it manufactured as “green” as possible. After running test after prototype housing built in FRP, we noticed how much waste there would be after CNC-ing, a waste you can not recycle or dispose in an acceptable way. So we decided to turn to another material, which is already recycled, and can be recycled as many times as needed: ABS. That means that our housings will be as tough and durable as the FRP, but with NO manufacturing waste at all. The thermoformed parts will be finally CNC-ed, and the complete unused part of the material will be returned back to the recycler. 
We are proud to say that now we have the ZERO WASTE manufacturing process, in which around 90+% are recycled materials, and the final product will be 98% recyclable... It feels SOOOO GOOOD TO BE ABLE to spare the environment, and still have a quality product. 
So when you will hold our panel in hands, you may be wondering how many past lives and shapes are hidden in the product, which is actually still in use, reborn as a Phoenix instead of just being thrown as waste material...




Si vous êtes professionnelle ou loueur, nous serons ravis de travailler avec vous, surtout si vous êtes capable d'assurer l'installation de nos chauffe-eau solaires. 

Pour connaître les termes et conditions que nous vous proposons, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous.