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The Green Yachting controller only uses full power when heating the water. The rest of the time it is only having to maintain the temperature and consumption is very limited. Because the water is heated to 52°, it is always being diluted with cold further reducing consumption. If the water is already warm when you start sailing, energy use will remain modest. Taking hot showers at night away from mains power will greatly increase battery power consumption and may need more battery capacity.

You need at least 300w of solar panels and 300A of AGM, gel, or lithium batteries. More capacity is fine. For lead acid, please contact us for advice.

The time taken to heat the water will vary according to the degree of heating required. In summer, allow an hour. It is pre-programmed to operate with a battery charge of greater than 12.2v, but if it cuts out because of low voltage, it does not cut in again until the batteries have returned to 13.8v

There are 2 versions of our system - Standard & Enhanced.
This page relates ONLY to the STANDARD product.



The unit has LEDs that are green telling you that it is correctly connected to the batteries but not heating the water, red when it is also heating the water. It is installed in the boiler compartment so that the supplied thermostat can check the water temperature, and it is cabled back to the domestic battery bank via a switch/fuse.


All the heating elements are made to our specification and have specific provision for the thermostat supplied with the controller.


As standard, we only support boilers made by Quick and Isotherm. If your boiler is none of those, please contact us to discuss your installation. We will do our best to find a suitable solution.


The standard model kit includes the controller and the appropriate water heater element, but not the cabling, negative bus bar, or fuse/switch. All are available from most yacht chandlers. We supply kits for Quick and for Isotherm boilers. 


Cables have to be run from the batteries to the controller in the  boiler compartment, and from the controller to the heater.

Installation manuals are supplied for each specific configuration.

The device is controlling at least 25A from 300Ah batteries.

GREAT CARE NEEDED when installing. 

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