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CATAMARAN, SAILBOAT AND SPEEDBOAT CHARTERING IN GREECE. If your ideal holiday souvenirs are not a number of screenshots, but a vast array of everlasting memories, then sailing into the big blue of the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect option for you. 

Chartering is a growing industry in Greece, which is now able to cater for high-end clients who wish to have a first-hand experience of the Greek seascape and culture. Charter companies located in Greece employ experienced personnel, who are capable of designing a full-fledged itinerary for you in accordance with your preferences. 

Most companies offer luxury services, which meet the needs of visitors who wish to relish their time away from demanding daily routine. 

Eversails owns 11 luxurious recreational vessels, including sailing yachts, and speedboats, built according to high navigational standards, and fully-equipped to satisfy even the most demanding client. The staff members of Eversails will host, navigate, and consult with you on the most memorable sailing trip you have ever experienced. 

Eversails Yachting was established in 2015. We are a charter company with its own fleet of newly-acquired, fully-equipped yachts. Our experienced, specially-trained personnel will cater for the particular needs of your individual party, and design a tailor-made sailing trip for you to remember for life.

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