Mark 2 Enhanced 12/24/48v kit for for Quick boilers

Mark 2 Enhanced 12/24/48v kit for for Quick boilers


The Mark 2 Green Yachting solar hot water kit builds on our previous experience to provide the complete solution to using surplus solar energy to heat the water in your Quick boiler.

Our enhanced intelligent electronic controller constantly monitors the state of your batteries and the temperature of the water.

The remote control panel allows you to set the cutoff an d the cutin voltages as well as the minimum and maximum water temperatures.  It is also linked to a sensor that detects power output from the solar array. If therefore there is enough solar energy and if the battery charge level is sufficient, your solar output will be used to heat your water. Electricity consumption is modest because most of the time all you are doing is topping up,  and not taking the water from cold to hot! The fridge can stay on to keep the beers cold!


In addition to the standard controller and the water heating element, this kit comes complete with a remote system monitor panel that also acts as fuse/switch. It supports both 12 and 24v systems.


The existing Quick mains electricity heating element is replaced by our 300w 12v water heating element supplied, and you get all the various items that you need to get it installed and working, except for the cabling.


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