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Lithium now needs to be your first choice for domestic batteries!

6 Kw lithium battery pack

The price of 3 and 6 Kw 48v lithium ion batteries recycled from the motor industry has now fallen so far that they are now FIRST CHOICE for replacing or upgrading your current lead/acid domestic batteries. Let's look more closely at the maths.

A 120A 12v lead/acid AGM battery will set you back between €150 and €300 depending on the brand. You will need at least two, so replacement cost is between €300 and €600. You can safely use 20% of that capacity, or 48A at 12v. List price of our 3Kw 48v lithium battery pack is €1299, provides 65Ah at 48v, and can be 80% depleted. That equals 52Ah at 48v - so over five times the usable power with a list price only four times greater.

Lower initial cost is not the only advantage though. Few sailing yachts have the space for that kind of lead/acid battery capacity, and the weight would be prohibitive. Lithium also charges much faster, and its expected life is over five times greater.

The yachting press is full of stories about the fire risk of lithium-ion. Not only can we find no evidence of this on the wider internet, but we are using motor industry components from Renault/Nissan. There is no evidence whatever of their electric cars catching fire.

Yes you do need to replace your existing solar controller with a hybrid one able to charge your 48v lithium batteries from solar, mains, or genset, but you then have unlimited 110/220v on board current as well. Win/win! Your alternator connects ONLY to your 12v lead/acid starter battery that charges the lithium with a special 12 to 48v battery charger.

The Green Yachting 3 and 6Kw lithium battery packs are now on SPECIAL OFFER at €999 and €1499 respectively. Look again at the maths set out at the beginning of this article and send us your order now!

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