Green Yachting solar water heaters now available in North America

The interest expressed mainly from "liveaboards" has convinced us to extend our market coverage to N.America.

Europe is the biggest market for the system because the average "cruiser" rarely has access to shore power and has not used the engine for long enough to heat the water in the boiler. We had not expected there to be so many American boaters experiencing the same problems with cold water as we do here in Europe.

We have therefore joined up with our American manufacturing partner to deliver his fine products to American boaters. He has no boating experience, wheras I have had the bug for 50 years, and we very successfully distribute his products in Europe. This is a real win/win partnership that benefits all of us.

In my next news article, I will also tell you something of the other things that we do in Europe that I think will interest Americans as well.


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