CORSICA - the unknown paradise

Much closer than Greece - so cheaper and shorter flights - CORSICA remains almost totally ignored by the British sailing fraternity. The canny French have kept its charms largely hidden from their cross-Channel friends. Yet even the most casual glance at the map below gives an idea of the wealth of sailing opportunities offered by the island.

The area around Bonifacio and the islands (French & Italian) just to the south are truly magnificent. The whole area is best avoided in August - particularly the Italian Maddalena Islands - but there are so any anchorages that overnighting is not usually too big an issue, although expect to roll a bit.

The thing about Corsica (unlike neighbouring Sardinia) is that not only is the sailing itself excellent, but Calvi, Ajaccio, and Bastia are all towns worth anybody's detour and they are on the coast. The inland mountain villages are rightly world famous.

The only real word of warning is that the best cruising is the west coast and the Mistral comes from there. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and run for it if there is big wind on the way!


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