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3, 6 & 9KwH LifePo4 12 & 48v Battery Specs

12 & 48V 3/6/9 kWh


Dimensions :


The above are our standard configurations generally available ex. stock. Other capacities available to special order.




Max voltage: 58.8v

Min voltage: 42V


Maximum constant current: 120A (except for batteries of a capacity >6kWh)

Maximum peak discharge 150A (except for batteries of a capacity >6kWh)


Maximum recommended constant discharge:


  • 60A for 3kWh batteries

  • 120A for 6Kwh batteries


Includes: Stainless steel case; Analog BMS (Digital bluetooth optional); 2m of suitable flexible cable and M8 connectors. Protection against over and under charge.

We offer charge controllers for solar panels & alternators. 

Please check with us that anything NOT sourced from us is compatible.

3kWh Battery Pack:


Length:  33cms

Width:    28cms

Height:   37cms

Weight:   25kgs

6kWh Battery Pack:


Length:  57.5cms

Width:    28cms

Height:   37cms

Weight:   65kgs

9kWh Battery Pack:


Length:  82cms

Width:    28cms

Height:   37cms

Weight:   90kgs

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