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Lithium batteries tolerate 80% discharge rather than the 20% of lead/acid,

are more durable, and recharge much faster.


A 150A AGM lead/acid battery costs between €250 and €350 depending on the brand. Our 150A lithium battery at a price of €499 is of similar dimensions but much lighter and with superior performance. You can only really discharge lead/acid batteries by 20% whereas lithium allows 80% regularly. Usable energy is 4 times greater.


The amount of electrical current that you can use on board with AGM batteries is very limited, except when you are connected to shore power. You even worry about keeping the small fridge on overnight, and what about the auto-pilot, the nav lights at night? You have a tiny fridge; no hot water much of the time; no freezer; no Espresso machine…

Install a Green Yachting 300Ah lithium battery system with a 1Kw hybrid controller, and you have not only saved money, but hugely increased what you can reasonably have by way of 220v domestic appliances on board for your daily comfort.


For sailing yachts we only offer the totally safe LifePo4 batteries. There are also now lithium specific fire blankets, and lithium specific fire extinguishers just in case.


Lithium is not a straight substitution for lead/acid. They cannot be safely connected directly to the alternator. It is likely that neither your existing solar controller nor your shore power charger will be compatible with lithium. We recommend keeping the lead/acid starter battery and charging the domestic lithium battery pack from there. Alternatively add a current converter to the alternator. All the products that you need are available in our store, but FIRST please CONTACT US.

How “green” and reliable is all this?


VERY! Our own brand batteries are new but use recycled Renault automotive battery parts. When your batteries reach the end of their life (in at least 10 years time), you return them to us, and we recycle everything again within our own workshop. Nothing ever goes to waste or is dumped.


The product has a 2 year “no quibble” warranty, and we guarantee the availability of spares for 10 years!

What about technical support and advice?


We are unique in owning and operating our own Renault authorised  product testing and servicing centre in Etampes, just SE of Paris. The 3, 6, and 9 Kw battery packs are assembled and tested there and have been for the last 10 years. 

Senior staff use our products daily in all kinds of different environments. Our commitment to making sure that what you buy is going to work in your specific environment, so please Contact Us before placing an order so that we can be absolutely sure that all will be well, and work for you.

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