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LifePo4 Batteries

4 times the energy!

All the lithium battery systems listed here are applicable to
inland waterway and dry land installations as well.



We offer two ranges of LifePo4 batteries for boats of all kinds to meet both domestic and starter motor needs.


  1. EcoWorthy - one of China's leading manufacturers -  25, 50, and 100Ah.

  2. LITHIUM ABOARD, made in France with recycled cells and built by our sister company -  150, and 300Ah. Available in 12 and 48v

    Use the links below to learn more.

Upgrading from lead/acid to lithium on a sailing yacht requires planning and thought. Yacht batteries can be charged from three different sources : shore power, solar panels, and engine alternator. Your existing solar controller will probably not be compatible and you cannot charge lithium batteries directly from the alternator. We offer a purpose built device that allows you to charge either 12 or 48v lithium batteries. Alternatively use a dc/dc connector that allows you to charge the lithium from an AGM or gel starter battery. That is the simplest and safest lithium installation and avoids the need for changing the alternator charger. 

We do not claim to be system integrators, but please CONTACT US before going ahead with a switch to lithium. There are numerous pitfalls that we may be able to help you avoid.


If you opt for a small electric outboard, we offer here the ideal easily recharged 50A lithium companion that only weighs 7.5Kgs. 

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