Yacht Charters in Italy

Italy has more coast line than any other country in the Mediterranean basin, but it is not a major charter destination for other nationalities although there are significant charter fleets, notably in N. Sardinia.

Some of the sailing is as good as it gets anywhere. In that we include N. Sardinia, the Pontine Islands (Bay of Naples), the Aeolian Islands, and the Italian Riviera. Avoid the High Season if you possibly can. It is grossly over-crowded and sailing skills are not what you would expect. Marina prices are not for the faint-hearted. Motor yachts can be very inconsiderate and in places there are hordes of RIBs with engines up to 40 h.p., so very fast and dangerous in the hands of people with no proper experience. Off season it is beautiful and reasonably priced.

We have divided the country into 4 charter zones:

  1.  Genoa & the Italian Riviera

  2.  Bay of Naples

  3.  Sardinia

  4.  Sicily

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