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Marinas in ITALY

With an enormous amount of coast, Italy is a major sailing country, but it operates differently to the rest of the Mediterranean countries. Italians tend to go from marina to marina and there are marinas everywhere. They are however extremely expensive, and in the short High Season, prohibitively so. Courtesy and sailing skills can be rare commodities too.

The internationally popular areas are the Italian Riviera, the Amalfi Coast and neighbouring islands, Sardinia, and Sicily. However the boot of Italy and Venice both have their visitors, even if in the former it is sailors on their way to or from Italy, stopping the least possible, if at all. In each we list 6 selected marinas for you. They are listed in the appropriate geographical order. Bear in mind however that there are so many marinas that making a selection at times seems almost impossible.







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Italian Marinas & Ports Selection

Italy has been divided into the four main cruising grounds accessed from the buttons below.find them.