Ionian Itineraries

There are large charter fleets dotted all over the Ionian, notably in Nidri, Levkas, Preveza, and Corfou. The last two have airports. Transfers to the other two and elsewhere in the area are easy and quick. If you are heading for the south, choose Levkas or Nidri.

The southern Ionian offers the easiest sailing in Greece. It is extremely popular and often over-crowded, with only modest average sailing skills. Overnight mooring spots can be full at mid-day!

  • Enormous selection of charter yachts at Nidri, Levkas, Preveza, and Corfu to name but four.

  • Several attractive itineraries for a one week cruise

  • Attractive anchorages and small towns everywhere

  • Light winds make it excellent for beginners

  • Over-crowded with sailors of modest skills

The sheer number of anchorages in both south and north Ionian is so large that we feel unable to propose specific itineraries. Instead we have decided to list the places that we feel are outstandingly attractive and hope that is helpful. Finding space in high season will be an issue and the local habit of mooring up at mid-day severely curtails sailing time!

South of Levkas
North of Levkas
Our Favourites

These are simply the places that we have visited and liked the best. The South of Levkas list could be used as an itinerary, but not the North of Levkas list. You end up too far from your starting point.


Both Levkas and Preveza are appealing towns and good places to start and end a cruise. Preveza is a better starting point to go north, but there is also the little visited but attractive lagoon inland.

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