GREEN YACHTING has perhaps the most comprehensive database of information available anywhere about everything that a sailor could want.

  • Marinas, Ports, Town Quays, & Pontoons

    • Full contact & technical information

    • Details of what facilities each offers​

    • Pricing


  • Sailing guides that are complete information resources and a navigation system for the area. Our emphasis is on promoting businesses that are environmentally sensitive.

  • A range of green products for yachts that help them become autonomous.

    • Electricity generation​

      • Solar & Wind​

    • Energy economy

      • Solar water heating​

      • LED lighting

      • Energy saving devices

    • Desalinators​​

The target users are substantially the same.

We are looking to recruit people interested in becoming


  • Either, authorized distributors and installers of all the GREEN YACHTING products,

  • Or, the person responsible for building and maintaining the guide in a given area.


We would prefer it if there was a single person responsible for both activities in a given area, but are well aware that they are rather different skill sets, so in many cases they will be different people.


As a distributor,you need to have the modest necessary technical skills and the ability to market and sell effectively. A small stock investment is required. Profit margins are attractive and installation very remunerative. Trade prices will be sent when we approve your application.

Contact us with some details of your experience.