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Our recommendations are based on sunny conditions and average electrical consumption.

Solar Green only uses full power when heating the water at start-up. The rest of the time it is only having to maintain the temperature and consumption is very limited. If the water is already warm when you start sailing, consumption will remain modest. Taking hot showers at night away from mains power will greatly increase battery power consumption and needs more battery capacity.

Solar Green 300 needs at least 300w of solar panels and 300Ah of AGM or lithium batteries. More capacity is fine.

Solar Green 500 needs at least 600w of solar panels and 450Ah of AGM or lithium batteries. More capacity is fine.


We offer the controller on its own, the 300 and 500w 12v heating elements, and the complete kits. For an installation you will need:

  • SOLAR GREEN intelligent controller,

  • a 300 or 500w water heating element

  • automatic fuse and on/off switch,

  • ground bar, 

  • 70 feet of correctly dimensioned cabling.

  • all the cable terminators needed

  • Complete illustrated installation manual.


Cables have to be run from the battery to the boiler compartments, and the existing heater element has to be removed and replaced with the one supplied. Total time required including making up and securing the cables is between 2 and 4 hours.

The device is controlling at least 25A from 300A batteries.

CARE NEEDED when installing. 

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