Your domestic battery pack is a major component of your every day comfort. Standard lead acid batteries are not designed for the slow discharge required for on-board use other than engine starting. We offer only slow discharge batteries with a good tolerance of regular 20% discharge. Beyond that and battery life is shortened and many yachts have an automatic shut-off at that level (11.2v) anyway.

We are now lithium battery enthusiasts, believing that the extra cost is now fully justified for 2 reasons:

  1. they can be 50% discharged daily, and 80% from time to time without damage or shortening of battery life. That means that a 100A lithium is at least equal to 250A of any form of lead acid (AGM or gel) and arguably is as good as 400A of lead acid.

  2. Life expectancy is at least five years (and probably ten) rather than than the 2 or 3 that can reasonably be expected of lead acid.

Lithium is also much lighter, not always a major factor, but handy all the same.