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Large company; moderate client reviews.

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<p><b>Our team</b></p><p>Ban Tours is much more than just Yachting! We are a company with a total of 43 employees who provide various services ranging from corporate travel and events, sports travel, incoming and outgoing individual & group travel arrangements as well as airplane tickets among other.</p><p>Founded in 1994. Ban Tours has had continuous business and financial growth. During this period the company has been guided with one single goal; delivering excellent customer experience.</p><p>We strongly believe that this experience is achieved by striding toward excellence at each step of conducting business as well as having professional employees that can answer to the client demands.</p><p>Above all Ban Tours is a knowledge hub, where we try to educate, inform and advise our partners.</p>

Environmentally Sensitive Mediterranean Yachting

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part of the Solar Hot Water group

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