Smart Controllers for Solar Hot Water

Constant hot water from surplus solar energy.

Have a hot shower, do the dishes whenever you like.
Being on a sailing yacht should be as comfortable as being at your home!
Now it can be.


To have hot water you must either be connected to mains electricity or have run your engine. At anchor somewhere, the water in your boiler will be cold.


Install the SOLAR GREEN Controller - an intelligent electronic device that is connected to your batteries and to your water heating element. It monitors domestic battery levels and the water temperature in the boiler. If more than 80% charged, it checks the water temperature, and subject to the pre-set levels (usually less than 43° and not more than 52°C), the water heater is switched on. However, if the batteries have become discharged below the 80% level, priority is given to them being fully recharged BEFORE the heater is switched back on. 

The device is connected to a 12 or 24v heating element that replaces the one currently installed in your boiler. Standard installation kits are available for Quick and Webasto/Isotherm boilers.

There are two versions of the system:

  • Standard

  • Professional

Standard: The controller has its own LEDs to indicate status

Professional: In addition to the standard controller, an external monitor panel is included that also acts as a switch/fuse.

In the summer months, your batteries are usually fully charged by mid-day and the rest of the time, the solar energy is being discarded, and most of the time it is just a question of "topping up" the water temperature, so power consumption is much less than you might expect, and the cut-off point is higher than that of the fridge for example, so essential equipment does not get switched off by accident, and the beers stay cold.

Even if you have a generator on board, you save fuel and noise pollution with the Green Yachting Smart solar controller

Install it and forget it! Hot water from the sun, FREE, all the time!

Only needs 300w of solar power and 300Ah of AGM, gel, or lithium batteries

Complete kits  ready to install for Quick and Isotherm boilers.

Super Solar Controllers

MPPT Controller, 3Kw Inverter & hot water management.


The Green Yachting Super Solar controller is a UNIQUE combined MPPT controller, 3Kw pure sine wave inverter, and hot water management product that is:

  • modular and scaleable

  • can control varied inputs (solar, wind, and turbine) up to 100A

  • offers an unlimited number of 12/24/48/72 V controlled outputs
    up to 1kW

  • links each output to a different sensor where required

    • temperature,

    • battery levels, 

  • user programmable for the battery and sensor parameters

  • controllable remotely from your smartphone via WiFi and on-board NET.

MPPT Controller

The device is connected to the boat's electricity generating capacity, be that solar, wind, or towed turbine and regulates the current used to keep the batteries fully charged. Supports lead acid, AGM, gel, and Lithium 12/24/48/72 V battery banks, up to 1000 Ah, with separate output for charging start battery (12/24V) up to 100Ah.



The base unit has a modified sine wave 3Kw inverter built-in to power the 230V devices that are on board. 


Modular and Scaleable

The Green Yachting Super Solar unit is totally modular and therefore scaleable. By that we mean that the basic unit is a High-Power MPPT controller to which the user can add those modules that they require. This has the dual advantage of being flexible and means that in the unlikely event of failure, you can take only the failed unit out for service.


Available output control modules :

  • Water heater controller (can control SOLAR GREEN)

  • Desalinator

  • Air conditionning/heating

  • Dehumidifier

  • Or any other equipment on board you would like to make automatic

    • Onboard security with camera and motion sensor remotely viewable

    • Engine power switch off

    • Intruder/high bilge water/propane gas/fire remote alarm


Programmable Sensor Controlled Outputs

Each output module can be connected to an external sensor triggering action when certain specified conditions are met. For instance the water heater control element is triggered if for example, the sensor detects a water temeprature less than 45°C but not greater than 50°C. The desalinator module operates if the water level is less than 75% full. Those parameters are all user configurable.


Remote Control

You can use your smartphone as an intelligent remote controller via WiFi while onboard or from the confort of your home.


Battery charge levels and all of the output modules can be controlled from your telephone.

Provisional image only. Not the final product.

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