SunCell Green

Super efficient marine solar panels that can ALSO heat your water.

Come in 100, 200, and 300w configurations. Output around 33% higher for a given area. Optional water cooling for more energy output and FREE hot water.

Our "green" manufacturing process gives you more solar energy and is relatively insensitive to shade and to the angle of the sun. Made of ABS, our panels cannot corrode, and offer an important weight saving at the back of your yacht. Can be used together with SOLAR GREEN to provide the total green  electricity hot water solution. 100% energy autonomy.

Solar Green

Constant hot water

from solar energy.

Have a hot shower, do the dishes whenever you like. Being on a sailing yacht should be as comfortable as being at your home! Now it can be.


To have hot water you must either be connected to mains electricity or have run your engine. At anchor somewhere, the water in your boiler will be cold.


Install SOLAR GREEN. The intelligent controller is connected to your batteries and then to your water heating element. Either you replace the existing 220v (110v) element with our 12v unit of the required capacity (200, 300, or 400w) or you connect our intelligent controller to an inverter itself connected to your existing heating element.


The intelligent controller then constantly monitors the state of your batteries, and if more than 80% charged, checks the water temperature, and if below the pre-set level (usually 43°C), the water heater is switched on. However, if the batteries have become discharged below the 80% level, priority is given to them being fully recharged BEFORE the heater is switched back on.


In the summer months, your batteries are usually fully charged by mid-day and the rest of the time, the solar energy is being discarded, and most of the time it is just a question of "topping up" the water temperature, so power consumption is much less than you might expect, and the cut-off point is higher than that of the fridge for example, so essential equipment does not get switched off by accident, and the beers stay cold.

Only needs 200w of solar power and 200Ah of AGM or lithium batteries

Complete kits  ready to install.

Monitor Green

On-line yacht system monitor

Using the mobile phone network, we monitor the following levels via a small electronic device installed on board that communicates using a data enabled SIM card (not included).


  • GPS position

  • Domestic batteries

  • Engine start battery

  • Bilge water

  • Humidity

  • Air temperature

  • Fresh water (option)

Makes sure you know if something is wrong so that you can get help before it is too late!  

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