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LiFePo4 batteries, Hybrid Controllers, Portable Solar Power,
Solar Hot Water, Electric Outboards & Propulsion



We are experienced Mediterranean sailing yacht cruisers. Most of the products that we sell are used on our own yacht. We have active experience of all the product lines - solar panels, controllers, batteries, solar hot water, and electric outboards.


The same products have been extensively installed on British narrowboats and river cruisers for which they are also particularly well suited. 

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Lithium Batteries

We are convinced that LifePo4 lithium batteries are now the right choice for all boats for their domestic use. They are cheaper, smaller, lighter, and offer 4 times more usable power than an AGM equivalent. Combined with a hybrid inverter, you can have almost unlimited electrical appliances and hot water.

For smaller batteries, we offer the Eco-Worthy range from China, and for 150A and more, our own systems that come from Renault and Nissan electric vehicles. By buying from us, you are buying "green" as well as inexpensive. We offer 12 and 48v units of 3 and 6Kw capacities. 

Hybrid Controllers

The latest hybrid controllers combine the functions of MPPT solar controller and 220v inverter. They range in power ratings from 1 to 5Kw depending on your 220v consumption needs and available solar power. In a single box you now have a multi-function MPPT solar controller that will decide from where to source power for your batteries (Lithium or AGM) while also providing 220v current for domestic use on board via the existing 220v circuit. We offer the excellent PowerMR range.

Standalone Solar Power Systems

Narrowboats and river cruisers in particular, and some sailing yachts may find standalone solar power systems an attractive alternative to a fixed onboard solution.  They come with their own portable solar panels and can be deployed anywhere. Their additional advantage is that their use is not restricted to your boat. They can also be used at home. Charge from solar, mains, or genset.

Solar Hot Water

Usually boats heat water from an engine heat exchanger or a 220v heating element when connected to shore power. If you run your engine seldom or not at all and are not fans of ports and marinas, that means cold water - not ideal for showers or washing the dishes.

We offer 12v, 48v and 220v solar hot water solutions for for most battery installations on boats with Quick and Isotherm calorifiers. We use solar energy that would otherwise be discarded to turn on the water heater.

NEW! We can supply calorifiers that can use an engine heat exchanger, and one of our replacement heating elements, (12, and 48v), plus a second one that is 240v/1000w. Offering much higher performance than that of the mainstream watr heater manufacturers, they are available in 25, 30, and 40 litre capacities. With our controller, you have hot water on board almost all the time using surplus solar energy.

Electric Outboards

Our 5 to 20HP range of small electric outboards is very competitively priced, and the unit and battery are both very light, so easy to take on and off your tender.


We expect combustion engine powered tenders and boats to come under increasing negative pressure in the immediate future. Two strokes are already banned in many places making electric a "must-have" that is silent, and costs nothing to run.

Electric Propulsion

On a narrowboat, there is plenty of roof space for solar panels on the roof, and battery weight is not an issue, so we think that electric propulsion is ideal. We even have a range of "ready-to-install" electric propulsion systems Speed is not of the essence on a canal or the river so power needs are modest!

Electric propulsion is not viable for all yacht sailors, technical progress means that for some cruising sailors it is part of  a realistic and attractive option. Fitting an electric motor to drive your current propelled is easy and you can install a small genset in the space left by the old diesel engine. Cost and weight of the complete system is way below that of a replacement diesel! The limiting factor is the autonomy that you seek.

Our inboard motors are made by China's leading manufacturer and the power range is from 5 to 35HP.

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