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Solar Energy & Storage Products for Yachts
Solar Hot Water systems specialists.




Personal Experience

We are experienced Mediterranean cruising sailors. The products that we sell are mostly in use on our own yacht. We have active experience not of every single variable, but of all the product lines - solar panels, controllers, batteries, solar hot water, and electric outboards. 

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Lithium Batteries

We are convinced that lithium batteries are now the right choice for all cruising yachts for their domestic use. They are cheaper, smaller, lighter, and offer 4 times more usable power than an AGM equivalent. Combined with a hybrid inverter, you can have unlimited electrical appliances and hot water.


We offer the MUST GREEN ENERGY range from China, and our own second use reconditioned systems that come from Renault and Nissan electric vehicles. By buying from us, you are buying "green" as well as inexpensive. We offer 12 and 48v units of 3 and 6Kw capacities. 

Hybrid Controllers

The latest hybrid controllers combine the functions of MPPT solar controller and 220v inverter. They range in power ratings from 1 to 5Kw depending on your 220v consumption needs. In a single box you now have a multi-function MPPT solar controller that will decide from where to source power for your batteries (Lithium or AGM) while also providing 220v current for domestic use on board via the existing 220v circuit. We offer the excellent MUST GREEN ERNERGY range.

Solar Hot Water

For those still with lead/acid domestic battery systems we offer both a 12v and a 220v solution.


The solar hot water system controllers are made to our design by our European manufacturing partner. It monitors the battery charge level and the water temperature.  If the domestic batteries are over 12.6v and the water temperature under 42, it turns on. It turns off if the batteries fall below 12v and if the water temperature exceeds 52°C. In the event of a low voltage cutout, it only restarts when the voltage is more than 12.6. The heating elements are made in China to our specifications, and are equipped to receive our temperature probe. It is this dual control function that makes the product unique. If you are connected to shore power, the voltage will always be over 12.6 so the element will switch on or off according to the water temperature. In summer your batteries will be fully charged by noon and the rest of the day your solar energy production is discarded. You do need a minimum of 400w of solar and 250Ah of domestic batteries. You can add a solar output monitor that switches the system off if solar panel output is less than 12v.

NEW! We can supply calorifiers that can have an engine heat exchanger, a 12v/300w heating element, and another that is 240v/1000w or any combination of those three. Offering much higher performance than that of the mainstream manufacturers, they are available in 25, 30, and 40 litre capacities. Apart from the improved water heating performance, the controller is cheaper because it is only monitoring battery voltage; The built-in thermostat controls the water temperature.

Electric Outboards

Our 2 to 5HP range of small electric outboards is very competitively priced, and the unit and battery are both very light, so easy to take on and off your tender.


We expect combustion engine powered tenders to come under increasing negative pressure in the immediate future. Two strokes are already banned in many places making electric a "must-have" that is silent, and costs nothing to run.

Electric Propulsion

Although we fully accept that electric propulsion is not viable for all sailors, technical progress means that for some cruising yachtsmen it is a realistic and attractive option. Fitting an electric motor to drive your current propellor is easy and you can install a small genset in the space left by the old diesel engine.  We recommend at least 5Kw. Cost and weight of the complete system is way below that of a replacement diesel! The limiting factor is the autonomy that you seek.

Our solutions are all based on 100% guaranteed recycled motor industry (mainly Renault & TESLA) components, so are as "green" and reliable as you can get! 


The 400v batteries will be custom-made to the space you have available where your diesel storage tank used to be and are quite separate to your domestic battery pack.