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What We Offer

Our aim is to make it easier for those everywhere in the world concerned by the environment to arrange their sailing life in an environmentally responsible "GREEN" way.


The two critical factors are

  1. the extent to which we make our yachts autonomous, and

  2. where we stay when we do need to go into a marina or port. 


ALL our products revolve around the generation or use of GREEN (Renewable) energy - solar or wind or water.

Any sailing yacht can be made almost entirely energy & water autonomous at very reasonable cost. Solar and wind energy both generate free electricity. Install plenty of good batteries, and use low consumption lighting plus solar chargeable electrical devices, and you no longer need shore power.

Install one of our 12v desalinators and you make your own fresh water at low cost

All our products are available globally courtesy of the post, UPS, or Fedex

Fuel, Food and drink become the only things that you still have to buy ashore.


All our marinas and charter companies have a GREEN rating.


Marinas we expect to offer selective re-cycling, waste oil disposal, and to use solar lighting wherever possible. 

There are full details of 1200 marinas and ports to moor overnight throughout the Mediterranean. Much of it is based on personal experience. The information includes technical access data and tells you about available onshore services as well. Wherever possible there is also pricing information. On-line Booking Requests are often possible.

Charter Companies we expect to have solar panels on their yachts and to guarantee full re-cycling of their clients' waste. Our selection of charter companies divides by country and cruising region and includes basic information about what they do and don't offer

Navigtion Guides

On-line GREEN guides to sailing combined with reliable on-line navigation tools have made life much easier and safer for yacht skippers everywhere. The mobile version includes an easy ability to chart an itinerary all the way inside the marina. No pilot book needed!

  • Where to spend the night:

    • marinas,

    • town quays,

    • pontoons, and

    • anchorages.

  • restaurants and shops ashore

  • yacht service businesses

Environmentally Sensitive Mediterranean Yachting

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